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New Car & Light Truck: The Value Is in the Details

No source gives you more detailed new vehicle data than Black Book’s Official New Car & Light Truck Cost Guide. This indispensable industry resource offers pricing and specifications on almost 2,000 current model year vehicles. Updated seven times per year, it’s the go-to source for retail and invoice values of domestic and import cars, light-duty trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles.

Published vehicle values include the following criteria:

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Available Delivery Methods

Web Services

We have both web based and Non-web based services available through our cloud based web services platform. The Black Book web service is easy to use and with our detailed instructions and support team, it is even easier to integrate.

Capabilities include:

  • Full support for both SOAP and Restful web services
  • Dynamic data delivery to retrieve as little or as much data as needed per vehicle
  • All types of valuations can be retrieved to include wholesale, retail, trade-in, finance and residuals
  • Includes values on model years back to 1981
  • Adjust vehicle values based on mileage, region and options
  • Ability to retrieve current and historical values on vehicles
  • Cross market functionality to retrieve values on used cars, powersports and heavy-duty trucks
  • Process includes ability to eliminate the VIN one-to-many dilemma using the vehicle’s description and/or model number

For further detail please call (800) 367-3759 and speak with a data licensing representative.


Analyze your portfolio by accessing the auto industry’s most timely and accurate data from your own desktop. ValuEngine is a cloud based solution that can process large or small jobs in a matter of minutes all right from your computer. Append any Black Book collateral value published since 1999.

With ValuEngine You can:

  • Run jobs real time or to schedule them to run at designated intervals
  • Value a vehicle at multiple points in history
  • Calculate end-of-term or equity values
  • Pull and push files from and to different FTP sites
  • Process all file formats to include delimited files, fixed column files and Excel spreadsheets
  • Ability to use both the VIN and input vehicle description in order to score the one-to-many VIN situations and derive a one-to-one match
  • Over 500 data elements can be appended to each VIN record (i.e. miles per gallon)
  • Adjust vehicle values based on mileage, region, and options.

ValuEngine also includes:

  • Reporting
  • Detailed activity counting and usage
  • Widgets (dashboard) – quick reference charts i.e. top 10 makes processed by month
  • Summary and detail reports
  • Project explorer for finding projects or for viewing run history
  • Templates - So when new projects are created they can be based off of existing templates

Please call (800) 367-3759 for more details and to speak with a data licensing representative.

Custom Applications

Black Book offers a wide variety of custom applications and specialized services. Need a custom handheld solution? We can do it. How about proprietary vehicle list handling solutions or application program interfaces? We can do those too. Let our IT staff design and build your electronic valuation solutions so your IT staff can focus on other aspects of your business! Please call (800) 367-3759 for more details and to speak with a data licensing representative.

To see how our Lender Solutions experts can help you, call 800-300-6625.

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