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Identifying Collateral Risk Drives Portfolio Performance

Is the automotive market expanding or contracting? Which industry segments are hot and which are not? And how do these factors impact your portfolio in the short-term or long-term? Answers to these questions are critical in identifying collateral risk and capitalizing on opportunities that drive growth and profitability. You need the industry’s most accurate data, deep industry insight and the right tools. That’s why so many lenders like you have opened their doors to Black Book Lender Solutions.

Managing risk is driven by improving loss rates through the accurate identification of important vehicle and segment patterns. Loss rates have an inverse correlation with vehicle values, which are defined by Black Book’s timely and reliable data. Risk factors change as collateral values change, credit scores adjust and economic factors affect loan repayment.

Black Book Lender Solutions leverages a suite of tools to help you make informed decisions:

Effective portfolio and risk management is not a singular event, but a process that must be monitored continually to align current trends with risk patterns. Lenders who focus on more regular patterns of tracking analytics to measure risk from volatility will have a competitive advantage. Modeling, based on access to Black Book data that’s timely, unbiased and accurate will help you maneuver successfully from risk to reward.

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